How I Did It

I made mistakes many times during this process. I didn’t grasp that always being in a calorie deficit was slowing down my metabolism and that doing daily cardio compounded the issue. If I run every day and give my body fewer calories eventually my body is going to adapt and slow down my metabolism to conserve. That’s what bodies do, they adapt to stressors. Sometimes the adaptation is unfavorable.

I had a very harsh awakening one day when I realized I HAD TO run and be in a deficit in order to maintain my weight. Fluctuation city! I had an even harsher awakening when my body no longer responded even to that.

Not only had my metabolism slowed down but my body didn’t like the lack of fat and excessive carbs in my diet. We are told to eat low-fat and that grains are “healthy” but fats are ESSENTIAL (especially in hormone regulation which is a big player in fat storage) and no one way of eating is good for everyone. Switching to higher fat and lower carbohydrate was life changing. My period regulated, I felt fuller longer, and I didn’t have the dips in energy thanks to blood sugar staying low. I also started to undulate my calories. Sometimes I was in a calorie deficit, sometimes a surplus, and sometimes a maintenance. Remember, your body adapts so try not to stay in any one of these for too long.

The next paradigm shift was switching to resistance training. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want a faster metabolism ASK FOR IT. You do this by giving your body conditions that require it to be stronger. You lift heavy weight and the body says “looks like its time to get stronger. I’ll build muscle to adapt”. Muscle is expensive tissue and requires the metabolism to speed up accordingly.

Don’t be like me. Do it right the first time. If you have already damaged your metabolism reverse out of things slowly to avoid rebounding