I grew up extremely self-conscious. I also grew up with the standard American diet and it reflected itself in my mind and body. I was sedentary, depressed, and overweight as a teenager. Finally, at age 21, I lost nearly 60lbs  with diligent dieting and disciplined cardio workouts. I thought that would be true peak of my fitness and nutrition story. I also thought my body would only continue to progress and become even more fit. It was not until many years later that my body stopped responding to all my efforts and I realized I actually knew very little about exercise and nutrition. My metabolism had taken a dive from inadequate nutrient intake and  excessive running. These things are stressors on the body. Stress is not always a bad thing but it can be if it’s over done. Between those two stressors and stress from regular life my body simply stopped being able to function at the standard I had become used to. There were signs but I was not aware of them until much later. It took me a year correct what I had done to my body. But that year was life changing! Now I not only have experienced amping a slowed down metabolism but I also have learned how proper resistance training and nutrition impact our hormones, energy, and the ability to feel healthy and lean with minimal mental and physical effort. What’s more is that I use that information and experience to coach many clients to do the same.

My health and wellness journey has not ended but I have made it exponentially beneficial by sharing my experiences via social media and helping others through coaching. All of my coaching is done online.

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