One of the biggest challenges people have with fat loss and fitness is having to deal with a SLOW METABOLISM. A slow metabolism means you gain weight on low calories and it means you have to do tons of cardio just to keep your weight the same. The worst part (and the crazy part) is that what you are doing in the gym and how you are eating now may actually be MAKING THINGS WORSE! Did you know that lots of consistent cardio can cause your body to burn less and less calories every day? Did you know that calorie restriction done improperly will make your body WANT to hold on to body fat? It’s totally true. I’ve taken hundreds of clients (many of them women) and gotten their bodies to burn more calories with less exercise. I’ve gotten them to a point to where they can eat more and still lose body fat. The best part is the formula is usually quite simple. In my free guide I highlight exactly what you can do NOW to get your metabolism ramped up so that fat loss becomes easier with less exercise and much less frustration. These time tested techniques and strategies have worked for all my clients and myself and they will work for you.

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