My goal is to show you that you are the expert of your own body. Through consistent communication via text message I help you connect what you eat and what you do with how you feel. Learning to become an observant watcher of your body and its signals will provide you with the insight you need to make intuitive nutrition and exercise decisions now and forever. Learning how to work with your individual body makes being lean, speeding up your metabolism, and staying fit simple, easy, and automatic! No more searching for answers externally.

Nutrition: I will observe your food tracking daily. Each morning you will send screenshots of your food logs from the day before. Using your feedback and food logs I will make continuous adjustments to your food choices, macros, and food habits. The eventual goal is to have you feel comfortable eating intuitively. I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. My advice will be given in the form of guidelines not prescriptions. I do not provide meal plans.

Exercise: I will assess your posture and movement by having you send a series of videos. Based on your videos and your goals I will advise you in what your training and programming should look like.

The first week of coaching will primarily be observation. Following observation we will have a 30-60 minute phone assessment. After that we will be in contact at least three days a week via text message, if not daily. The level and depth of our communication is determined by you. In my experience, clients with the highest willingness to be vulnerable received the most out of coaching. Coaching can also be a place to process emotional connections to food, issues with body-image, and any anxieties that keep you from meeting your health and fitness goals. You can text me any time, day or night. I may not answer right away but I do encourage in-the-moment feelings to be expressed.

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