When I first began with Jessica I had been with 3 coaches previously who had all put me in the position of excess cardio with calorie/food restrictions.
I would follow meal plan after meal plan with no individualized attention. I knew that something had to change.

The first thing Jessica had me do was take a step back. Reduce training/cardio and incorporate more meditation and stretching. I originally was nervous on these changes but quickly realized it’s exactly what my body needed.
Jessica sent me very individualized macro plans and I then began sending her my daily fitness pal logs regarding my nutrition.
Jessica opened my eyes to understanding that I am my own fitness/nutrition coach. She helped me see that there is no such thing as inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ choices, but rather gave me guidance to note changes with in my own body in order to become my own coach.
She had very open communication and was always willing to address my questions or concerns. Jessica is the reason I now have freedom from food restrictions and I am more in tune with how my body responds. I am forever grateful for the time I worked with her.

– Kelsey Tatum

A little over a year ago, I was pretty lost. I had moved to a brand new state with my husband and my new job was taking a toll on me. At the time, I was also recently hospitalized with a ruptured ovarian cyst. Over the years in following Jessica on Instagram and social media platforms, I was being educated that your overall health is much more than just being physically healthy.

So one day on her Instagram story, she had an opening to take on a client. I responded back ASAP. And then the journey began.

I learned so much from Jessica regarding overall health and wellness. During my journey I really have come to be so grateful for my body and my mind and to treat it well and with respect. I meditate every day now. I taught myself to intuitively eat. My menstrual cycles are regular. I started to also keep a daily journal of just overall emotions and how I was feeling in regards to what I was intaking as far as food and nutrition.

She was always kind and never judged. She let you find your own path, but still guided you.

For those of you who are wondering if you should take the jump, do it. You won’t regret it and you will use what she taught you for years to come.

– Madison Gaffney

I was fortunate enough to find Jessica when I was most in need. I was always able to have a six pack that most people chase after, but this came with its own problems. I was deeply unhappy with myself, experiencing eating disorders, uncontrollable binges with food, depression, anxiety and using exercise as a punishment. I obsessed over training, food prep and aesthetics which often put stress on relationships with those closest and most important to me.
When working with Jess I was able to let go of aesthetics as the driving force behind my eating and training which a switch to focus on health, not only in relation to what I ate and training but other modalities including stress, sleep and other important factors. The amazing thing was by making health a priority It is now easy to maintain a lean physique year-round and feel better with it. Working with Jess as my coach was comforting, she was always on hand to answer any questions that I had no matter how trivial and come up with practical solutions which were individual to me. What I liked most is that I wasn’t given a black and white plan, I was able to learn and apply knowledge that I can use still to this day and long into the future. A sign of a great teacher.
Being a Personal Trainer myself it is often difficult to turn to others in the same industry for advice as we are all blighted by our own ego, But Jess is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of misinformation, miseducation and those who take advantage of people’s insecurities only to benefit themselves. I will be forever grateful to Jess for making me see the error in my ways and turning my life around. I am now not only able to use the skills she has taught me to benefit myself but also to help my clients who are on their own journey. I can now safely say I am a better person, more qualified and competent Personal trainer and Nutrition coach. Thank you.

– Andrew Bond